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unique solutions
engaging narratives
breathtaking visuals
second-to-none production.

Design of new global digital workspace (Global Client)

Creation of Digital Skills eLearning programme (Global Client)

Design & Delivery of track and trace mobile application (UK, pilot)

Coordiantion of Global IT - HR System migration following client merger (Global Client)

Design and Communications of Diversity & Inclusion Initiative (Global Client)

Creative execution - Health & Safety Training Content (leading UK charity)


Our client required a new mobile phone application as part of their digital transformation of corporate communications. 

The So-Media team set about running a user experience initiative to interview, workshop and generally entertain over 100+ staff to build a gold standard set of requirements, personas and wireframes creating not only a unique, but a highly ambitious solution that was estimated to save the client millions in lost hours (and money!).

Not only that, we then quality controlled the entire development and coordinated the successful deployment to over 20,000 users globally - in 16 languages. 

Core Services:

Business Analysis

User Experience Design

Graphic Design

Screenshot 2019-09-29 at 08.02.51.png

We love our charity clients - and this project epitomises why - we're storytellers at heart and this poignant campaign raising awareness of families impacted by terminal breast cancer moved every single one of the team to ensure we maximised impact.

Our creatives devised a 6 film campaign that followed the stories of six women affected and told their stories on social media. The approach reached over 750,000 people entirely organically on the charities facebook channel - all by connecting the actual women in each case study.

We know this case study is now 3 years old but it is as pertinent today and remains a proud piece in our portfolio.

Core Services:

Creative Consultancy

Film Production

Digital Marketing


Our change management service is fundamental to our growth and is rapidly becoming one of the most sought-after in the industry. In 2020 we launched our revised "Impress" tool designed to shape, structure, track and report on effective change so it would be remiss of us to not tell you about the work we are doing with a global FTSE10 client to deliver their digital transformation programme.


Targeted at nearly 60,000 staff including our service includes the implementation of their digital maturity assessment framework, their tailored digital skills initiative and of course driving its adoption globally.

Core Services:

Business Analysis

User Experience Design

eLearning content build

Reporting & Programme Management

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