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Bringing awareness to cyber security

The digital revolution has truly changed the way we live our lives and become an integral part of everyday life but with advances in technology, we’ve increased opportunities for cyber criminals to attack organizations in detrimental ways.

In 2022, the UK has the highest number of cyber crime victims per million internet users at 4783 which is up 40% over 2020 figures. More than ever, companies need to be investing in resource to tackle this type of crime.

We at So-Media have been supporting businesses with their cyber security awareness and training helping them, their employees and their consumers cope in the digital world with the many new and innovative threats that are posed.

Our suite of bespoke elearning solutions have been used to train several thousand employees across the globe and can be tailored to the nuances of any organizations internal policies and best practises - whether that’s for the acceptable use of technology, records management or any generic cybersecurity procedures.


Our engagement tips for building a cyber secure businesses

  1. Awareness is key - This is not a ‘Tech problem’, this could affect anyone in your organisation. Build relationships with teams across your company to raise awareness of cyber crime and use tangible case studies to which your employees will relate

  2. Knowledge is power - Continuously train and upskill your employees to keep them informed of the changes happening in the cyber world.

  3. Keep it simple - Push screensavers of top tips to your employees devices or ensure information banners are embedded to your portals

  4. Build Advocates - embed and upskill cyber experts across your organisation reward them by offering perks to keep them driving your message

  5. Be Visible - dont limit your messaging to (just) annual campaigns - ensure your sources of knowledge and support are highly visible to your colleagues for when they need them.


Need some help with cyber security at your organisation? Get in touch to chat it through.

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