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Learning in the digital era

Whether you joined the workforce when the first computer technology appeared or when your smartphone was part of everyday life, the digital era has made a huge impact on our working world today.

Over the years, we’ve supported our clients to deliver skills programmes that support transformations in digital, cloud adoption, cyber security and more. Throughout these programmes we’ve noticed a huge shift in both the culture of learners and the tools for delivering training but most significantly, we’ve identified patterns in recurring principles of what creates true success for the programmes we are helping to deliver.

So-Media Training Coordinator Dayana Simeonova, has recently been part of a large cloud transformation programme:

“We’re currently working on a global cloud transformation programme for a major airline. We’ve mapped out the core capabilities needed for each of the organisation's key roles and developed a learning programme in association with Amazon Web Services, to offer a unique, tailored programme that takes users from zero knowledge of the cloud to fully certified practitioners. This way of working has transformed the way in which we learn, it’s more efficient for the teams we work with which allows for faster adoption and progress in getting certified.”

What have we learned from working across organisations skills programmes?

Here is a breakdown of our key take outs:

Build it on data

Fundamental to building the right programme is understanding and evidencing the needs of the audiences and continually track it. We always recommend starting with a learner needs analysis - understand what your audiences already know and map out where you need them to get to. Don’t oversell or mis-sell programmes to them that they won’t benefit or understand.

Offer a variety of channels

Build Communities

Be consistent

Make it practical


Do you have an upcoming training project we could help with?

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