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Storytelling with data

The art of good storytelling comes in many forms and for us at So-Media, data storytelling is a key component to successful adoption of our audiences. But what do we mean by data-led storytelling? Is it all pictures of graphs and tales of how excel can change your life? No, because, let’s be honest, there is nothing worse than reading about numbers, without understanding the context, and how businesses and people are affected by them.

Data storytelling is the concept of building a compelling narrative based on complex data and analytics that help tell your story in order to influence and inform your audience.

By simplifying complicated information, it allows your audience to engage with your content and make critical decisions quicker and more confidently. Constructing a data story that moves a person to take action can be a very powerful tool for businesses.

We spoke to our So-Media queen of copy, Hannah who shared her thoughts of the role of storytelling in communications with us:

“We use stories a lot when we are young to make sense of the world, but we also use stories in business to make ideas resonate with people. Good storytelling can help people better understand what you're saying, remember the information more clearly, and it’s also more likely to lead to a favourable response. I would also add that stories need to be about people, for us to care. (OK, animals also work!) But if we tell a story, for example, about a process that took a long time, until it was automated, it is unlikely to be repeated and remembered. If we tell a story about a colleague that had to go through this long process, after working hours, every night, missing his three-year-old daughter’s bedtime, never getting to read her favourite fairy story, or kiss her goodnight, until the process was automated…then we have ourselves a story!"



Want to know more about storytelling? We have some suggestions below.


If you’re interested in the science of storytelling – how stories can change the chemical reactions in your body then this Tedx video is a must watch.



Story Structure by Paul A Smith (only available in certain geographies) on LinkedIn Learning. In the course, expert Paul Smith suggests a structure for a memorable story.



Data storytelling: A key skill for data-driven decision-making, an interesting article focused on IT and analytics leaders.


Have a project in mind where you need help storytelling?

Reach out to us to chat further.

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