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Making a difference through engagement

To celebrate Global Diversity Awareness Month we wanted to spotlight our work with a global client on their Diversity & Inclusion Initiative that we supported for a number of years. Sarah from our team, talks to us about the program she worked on and why it had such a lasting impact on her.

“Having never worked in the D&I area before, I had little knowledge of the ways in which Diversity & Inclusion played a key part in fostering innovation and leading to company growth.

From running internal campaigns around Women in STEM to hosting monthly webinars covering topics such as Fostering & Adoption, Disability in The Workplace and LGBTQ+, my D&I knowledge multiplied with each communication that I developed.

For me, this project became more than just working on client communications. I was so inspired by the amazing team who made up the global advocates, their passion and desire to improve their workplace to be more diverse and inclusive through this programme was inspirational.

My biggest learning from the team on the program was about the importance of not being scared to ask questions about things you don’t know about, even if it feels awkward or uncomfortable. I’m now able to incorporate the things I've learned and apply to other projects I work on without even realising it.”


The Breakdown

The Client

Global Corporation

The Brief

To support the team through rebranding their initiative, building their hub on SharePoint and to run specific D&I campaigns throughout the year. We also supported the Global Advocates with quarterly meetings and project support ensuring their roles had everything they needed to succeed.

What we did

Brand development , Design, Copywriting, SharePoint development, Content creation, Campaign management, Podcast development, Newsletter creation, Webinars, Yammer channel management, Meeting coordination, Reporting, Admin support.

What changed

Teams across the organisation started to recognise the D&I Branding, therefore were able to align certain content with the initiative. We gained new followers on the internal social channel, Yammer and received regular attendance to our monthly webinars which showcase a variety of D&I subjects helping to upskill the wider team.


Here are a few ways of how you can bring Diversity & Inclusion into your own workplace

  1. Become an ally to marginalised groups

  2. Being vulnerable and sharing your own experience will deepen both yours and colleagues understanding of different perspectives

  3. Always bring everyone to the table, how can things change for the better if we all have the same viewpoint so include everyone


If you want to understand how we can support your employee engagement on Diversity and Inclusion, let's chat.

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