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Driving awareness of financial wellbeing

Whatever size company you are in, staff wellbeing is often a hot topic particularly this time of year. Whether it’s yoga classes or book clubs, investing in your employee’s well being, not only improves team happiness but helps with productivity within the business. One of the areas that is often overlooked as part of the package is financial wellbeing.

In recent times, financial stress is embedded throughout our daily lives, social media is constantly telling us to ‘budget here’ or ‘use less’ there. There is a whole host of materials that are shared with us to help us muddle through in our personal lives during these challenging times but what about when we are managing budgets at work?

Many of you will have experienced the stress of managing a budget within your role, the dread of opening the spreadsheet, the budget prep for the meeting with the senior team, the panic of having to slice off parts of the campaign in Q3, due to overspending earlier in the year. We’ve definitely been there ourselves at points, which is why we want to share our budgeting top tips to help empower you and your teams to better budget health. Check them out below.

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