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The Power of Design

Design within communications is a vital part of storytelling and engagement but how do we really maximise this asset to be more than being just a pretty picture?

We chat to our Designer Jenny, about how we push the boundaries of design to communicate effectively with our audiences.


Thanks for chatting to us today Jenny. Let’s start with what you think is essential to good design?

“I think creating good design involves lots of things, innovation, a good use of shape and colour, creative typography and clever use of imagery. For me, it is essential that it delivers an understanding of a product or service and that it sparks a bit of joy while the viewer is experiencing it.”

How do we storytell using imagery at So-Media?

“An image speaks a thousand words! It really does. We can communicate a really complex message using imagery much faster than pages of text. Images help the viewer create a mental picture and relate to the subject.”

What are essential elements to include in a design?

“Good use of colour, shape, type, space and imagery, The message should be the focal point and any important call to action should be prioritised.”

What are your favourite design tools to use?

“My favourite tool is Adobe Illustrator but it really depends on what you are creating. You can create a really beautiful design with pen and paper. I even use Powerpoint (a notoriously terrible design tool!) when a design needs to be editable. The tools you use are less important than the idea.”

How do you work with a client on a brief?

“I like to get to know my clients, it’s so important to understand their values and vision. A great design should be a collaboration of your clients ideas and your skills in making it come to life. I want to enjoy my work and you can only do that when you have a good relationship with the people you work for, so building that is important to me.”

What has been your favourite project to work on at So-Media?

“There have been lots! Recently it’s been working with the team at Asahi on a set of behaviour toolkits. We were able to have fun with what can be a dry subject and really engage the audience.”

What is the biggest misconception of design?

That it is just adding a few pretty pictures. People sometimes totally underestimate the value of a well designed project, the impact can be huge and incredibly valuable.”

Do you have a favourite designer/illustrator?

“This changes all the time, I think it reflects my mood. Sometimes I feel colourful and bold, sometimes I want to be minimalistic and sophisticated! I love typography by Neville Brody and the way Sarah Boris uses colour and line. I recently saw a project by Vanessa Eckstein which was really inspiring. Equally I find real joy in other kinds of art like screen printing, it has an amazing graphic quality, artists like Clare Halifax and Laurie Hastings. You can find inspiration in any art.”

Do you apply the same approach with different industries?

“I think I do, most projects start the same, the brief needs to be understood, you need a plan, you need to set your goals and then you go for it! You always need to be innovative and pragmatic whatever the project.”

What can clients expect when working with you?

“A very dedicated designer who will always try to be supportive and try to make the project as fun as possible.”

Thanks for chatting to us Jenny.


If you are interested in the Creative Services we offer, we’d love to hear from you.

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